Meet Dr. Girish Kalva, MD and his team

The incessant habit of consuming processed food and packaged drinks are dooming humanity. By 2025, half of the US population will be facing the problem of obesity. Eating unhealthy is also making people more vulnerable to a whole host of diseases.

Diagnopy comprises a group of health coaches, nutritionists and physicians who are striving to reverse the damage caused by unhealthy eating habits. At Diagnopy, we strongly advocate an easy lifestyle that is as close as you can get to nature. Diagnopy helps people heal themselves without having to go to doctors and/or use prescription medicines. We are, in essence, offering you something quite unique…something that allows for healing without medicine. Our belief is that healthy eating can triumph all obstacles that make your life difficult and disease-prone.

Girish Kalva, MD, Internal Medicine has finished medical school in 1996 and practiced in India, Jamaica(West Indies), Brooklyn(N.Y) and have been living in Salt Lake City,Utah for past eleven years.

He has completed a residency in Internal Medicine in 2004, then recently a fellowship in Obesity Medicine. He has self trained himself in Nutrition and eventually completed a Plant based nutrition course from Cornell University.

He has maintained a blog on the internet for past 3 years highlighting the importance of diet and healthy living to prevent, cure and treat diseases and get patients to quit taking pharmaceutical drugs.


What we do?

  • We help you adopt a healthy lifestyle
  • We guide you to fight your obesity with organic foods without using expensive prescription medicines
  • We make customized diet plans according to every individual’s needs since everyone has a different metabolism and genetics
  • We don’t sell and promote commercial products. Our recommended items can be brought from any grocery store.
  • We also assist people in leading better social lives
  • Our recommended foods help people fight the vulnerabilities of their genes
  • Our diet strategies include cheat days so that there are fewer chances of relapses – this is also crucial because adopting a healthy lifestyle should not make you feel deprived in any way
  • Our recommended diet approach will not make you starve. There are no rigid portion sizes that you MUST follow. You can eat all the fruits and vegetables you want
  • We spread awareness regarding the consequences of consuming processed foods and drinks
  • We recommend meal plans to help people tackle diseases as a last resort.


At a nominal fee, you can have one-on-one sessions with our team of professionals to avail many benefits. Our services include:

Mental & Physiologic support

Mental and Psychological support as well as simple nonprescription methods to combat cravings, over eating and compulsive eating behaviors. We can offer suggestions to join professional groups for more advanced support.

Customized Diet Plans

We suggest minimal changes in diet in terms of timing, portion sizes and sometimes to go gluten and dairy free based on individual health situations to assist in weight loss and gaining longterm health benefits.

Group Blog

We are passionate about spreading our message of healthy eating and natural healing, and for that purpose, we have set up a group blog. Every day, our expert dietitians discuss a healthy and organic food item there. All members get daily messages through Telegram app on healthy eating. The blog has actually helped hundreds of people in losing weight.

Diet Plans to decrease Hereditary Vulnerabilities

Some people are more prone to diseases. We help you in picking the right foods to devise your meal plans so that you can overcome hereditary issues and smoothly move towards a healthier horizon.

Detoxing and Demedication

with the help of proper diagnosis using food we will create a plan for Detoxing. We will create a plan for you to remove you from environmental issues, drugs and heavy metals etc.

Other services

Wellness Checks, Disease Management, Lifestyle Management, Nutrition Education, Longevity Education, Functional Medicine & nutrigenomics!

How it works

  • 1. Contact Us

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    Contact us to schedule an hour of consultation with us!

  • 2. Meeting and Analysis

    Please bring your blood test reports, Height, Weight and BP readings etc and anything relevant for your appointment.

  • 3. Blood & Urine Tests

    If applicable we will order additional blood tests and urine tests.

  • 4. Lifestyle changes adaptations

    We will prescribe lifestyle changes which you need to start adopting using provided protocols.

  • 5. Followup

    Schedule followup visits every month or every other month to track your goal!

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  • Initial/Followup Primary Care Visit-50$ for 30 min(add 50$ for each additional 30 min)
  • Hair Heavy Metal Testing Processing fee-30$ per person
  • Nutritional Counseling-50$ per 30 min per person
  • Weight loss/Lifestyle Change Counseling-200$ per hour per person(no half hour session)
  • Motivational Phone call-30$ for each 15 min call
  • Prescription orders(15$ per scrip-no narcotics, controlled substances, stimulants,benzodiazepines,CBD will be ordered.Physician discretion is final)
  • Payment options are only Venmo/Cash.(Please bring exact amount,no change will be available in the clinic)Only for clinic patients.
  • Labs review and discussion of results-50$ for 30 min